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Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics Services
At Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics we hope to create a trusting partnership between you, your child, and your pediatric primary health care team.

As your child’s pediatric primary care provider, we will get to know your child's health history, listen to your concerns and needs (as well as your child's), and treat your child with compassion. As the partnership grows, our providers will have a better understanding of your child’s needs. This understanding will help us develop a care plan with you and your child.

At Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics, we offer a wide range of services. Below we've highlighted some of the services we offer in order to provide a tailored care plan for your child. 

Well Child Preventative Visits
Many parents view well-child visits as a time for scheduled vaccinations and to see how much your child has grown in the past few months. And although immunizations are a big part of the preventive care visit, our pediatricians also evaluate your child’s development, behavior and general well-being.

We also address safety in the home and at the playground, optimal nutrition, toilet training, and environmental concerns such as lead paint exposure, for example.

During these visits, we encourage parents to ask questions that normally can’t be address during a sick visit. For instance, our physicians also discuss common concerns with parents such as eating, sleeping, toilet training, social behaviors, as well as attention and learning problems.

Having regular well-child visits with your child’s doctor and raising the concerns that matter most to you are key ingredients in helping the doctor know you and your child, thus forming a reliable and trustworthy relationship.

Illnesses and Conditions
Dealing with coughs, fevers, ear aches and other illnesses are a part of growing up. As part of our services, pediatrician’s and nurse practitioners at Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics are prepared to address prevention, symptoms, and treatments of common pediatric medical problems. For more complex illnesses and conditions, such as birth defects and obesity, we can also help parents understand and cope with these challenges.

Same Day Visits
Our scheduling system is a modified open access design. What this means is that you can get an appointment when you need it, today or in the future. We make sure at the beginning of each day, there are always many available visits for that day. If you call or request an appointment through our portal first thing in the morning and want to be seen on the same day, we will make you an appointment for that day. The later you call, the more likely those visits will not be available. If you call after all of the same day appointments are taken, then our triage nurse will assist in determining if you need to be seen urgently that day. We still have the capability of working in urgent cases. Our system allows for a great deal of flexibility in an effort to accommodate you.

Our goal is to get you in with your doctor as soon as you want or need.

Minor Injuries
Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics strives to meet all of your child's needs. If your child suffers minor injuries such as sprains, lacerations, fractures, and burns to name a few.

Come to our office for evaluation and treatment. If we are unable to treat your child, we will make sure we get you to the necessary specialist.

In-House Labs
These labs include urine testing, blood lead testing and cultures. For our patient’s convenience, we’ve partnered with PAML and Kootenai Health to provide more comprehensive testing. 

We offer the full range of vaccinations necessary for healthy child growth. Please visit the Immunizations section of our Website.

Adolescent Services
Adolescent medicine is an important part of our practice. We provide sports, school, and work physicals. We also provide confidential counseling and services.

Extended Hours

We have extended hours to serve you better. View them on our Office Locations page.

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